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Pregnancy Workouts

D.L. asks from Atlanta

Hi Everyone! Currently, I am a new mom of a beautiful 7 month old baby girl. I found out a few weeks ago that I am actually expecting again! So now, I feel as though...


Acne During Pregnancy

T.C. asks from York

Hello all, i need a little help here. i am currently pregnant with #2 and it seems that ever since i found out, my face has broken out horribly. Right now i'm trying ...


Favorite Workout Video?

L.V. asks from Los Angeles

Hi! I'm interested in trying to exercise in my home instead of purchasing an expensive gym membership. What are your favorite aerobic work out videos? Something ...


Pregnancy at 43

N.L. asks from Los Angeles

What was your experience like? Did you have complications with the pregnancy? How was the health of your baby?


Pregnancy Weight

D.F. asks from St. Louis

How long does it take to loose the pregnancy weight. I lost 33lbs of water weight the first week home from the hospital and since then nothing. I'm tired of looking...


Suggestions for Prenatal Exercise

A.B. asks from Spartanburg

I am newly pregnant (5 weeks) and am interested in staying healthy and "fit" during my pregnancy. I have read some information online about prenatal pilates among oth...


Advice Needed on Exercise Coinciding with Trying to Get Pregnant

J.C. asks from Lubbock

Hello Ladies! My husband and I recently purchased a treadmill and it was delivered December 22nd. Since then I have been on it nearly every day, walking and running...


Looking for Affordable, Adult Exercise Facility with Responsible Child Care ...

S.C. asks from Denver

I'm a 33 year old mom with a 22 month old son. I haven't belonged to an exercise facility since before my son was born. I've basically lost all the baby weight, but...


Working Out During Pregnancy

Y.D. asks from Chicago

Hello mamas, I have a question about working out during pregnancy. I already have 3 kids and never worked out when I was pregnant before. I have been working out f...


Weight and Pregnancy

N.R. asks from Detroit

Hi everyone, After lots of wonderful advice from so many on this site, my husband and I have decided to try to get pregnant with our third baby! My only concern i...