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Lower Body Workout During Pregnancy

K.T. asks from Charlotte

I am interested some exercises that will help tone my thighs, hips, and butt during my pregnacy. Any suggestions! I have been doing squats, lunges, and a lot of w...


Zumba or Other Workout DVD?

N.K. asks from Madison

Do you have any recommendations? I want to start doing some exercise as it is impossible to go out in this Wisconsin winter weather but I do not know where to start...


Looking for Effective Workout Video

A.S. asks from Washington DC

Hello moms. I am now almost two months post-delivery and have been doing a decent job of working off the baby weight. However, because of schedules and how late my gy...


Exercise During Pregnancy

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I am a runner, and ran about 3 miles 4 times per week before my pregnancy, however, in the late stages I am realizing that running is not an option for me. What exer...


Seeking AM Workout Program Other than Gyms

E.L. asks from San Francisco

I was watching a TV show where a group of women get together (around 5:30am) to workout, motivate eachother, and had a trainer leading it. Just wondering if anyone kn...


Exercise / Weight Loss During Pregnancy

T.R. asks from New York

I recently joined Curves and then found out we are pregnant with our third child. I was in the process of losing the last 20 lbs from my last pregnancy and would lik...


Pregnancy Workout Dvds

D.C. asks from Chicago

Any recommendations for workout dvds that are intended for use during pregnancy? I'm not looking for anything strenuous, just something basic for flexibility and to s...


Workout Routine During Pregnancy

K. asks from Chicago

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good workout routine during my pregnancy. I am currently pregnant with my third child and it seems no matter how strict of a...


Best Workout While Pregnant??

S.Y. asks from Tampa

Hi moms. I am only 10wks pregnat and I have already giained alot of weight...mostly because NO healthy food sounds good to me, it makes me sick...I do force myself he...


Workout Dvds... Any Success?

C.W. asks from Austin

Has anyone had success with workout DVDs? Before I got pregnant I worked out at a gym 3-5 days a week, until pregnancy complications put a stop to that. Now I'm almos...