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Lossing My Baby Weight

C.M. asks from Omaha

This is a subject hitting me hard. After lossing the baby I CANNOT loose the weight. Which in turn makes my mental recovery hard because everytime I look down I see h...


Help Losing Weight

J.S. asks from Little Rock

Has anyone tried Lipo 6? If so, what formula did you use and what were your results? I am thinking of trying Lipo 6 to help lose weight but I am not sure which form...


Not Losing Weight, but I Am Losing Inches, Why?

M.Q. asks from Los Angeles

Hi friends! I started Zumba 3 weeks ago, I go 1 hr a day 5X a week, I'm 5'1 and 186 lbs. I don't look fat, I have a pretty flat belly, but I am very big boned and cur...


Need to Lose Weight

J.D. asks from San Antonio

Please help! My weight fluctuates to being with but since I have gotten older I feel it happens more often! So frustrating..I try my best to eat right and cut my port...


Exercise with 3 Kids

M.R. asks from Cleveland

Hey ladies.. just wondering if there are any idea or places for working out w/ 3 kids.. I went to apply to the Brook Park Rec Center & was told that there was a 'wait...


Safest Weight Loss

S.S. asks from Provo

Hi! I need to lose a lot of weight as safely and quickly as possible. I have very personal reasons for this, but it is something I need to do in the next 3-4 months...


Weight Loss Pill?

S.B. asks from Little Rock

I am thinking about getting on a weight loss pill. I was considering adipex but my obgyn thinks that meridia would be better. She said it has no harmful side affect...


Need to Loose Weight

B.C. asks from Dallas

I have a family reuion to go to in 2 months want to loose 20 pounds by then. Need a fast healthy way to loose the weight with out gaining it all back fast. Any ideas?...


Weight Problems!!! Help!

S.G. asks from Birmingham

Ok moms, I have just gone back to work and recovered from a spinal fusion. I had the bottom two fused so I have to be very careful on what I do. I can not lift weig...


Weight Loss Issues

A.C. asks from Fort Smith

Ok I was wondering. About this my waist is small and my hips are big I keep walking and its stubborn do any of you have any advice on how to get rid of that stubborn ...