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Toy Suggestions for a 13 Month Old for This Christmas

Hi My daughter is 13 months and will be 15 months by Christmas time. I am looking for toy suggestions to put on her list. I want to have toys that will help her learn and entertain at the same time. Thanks


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Need Idea for Gift for 4 YO Son for B-day

Does anyone have any ideas on gifts for a 4 YO for a birthday present. Our son turns 4 this week and we are having his party this Saturday. All he has asked for is a 4 wheeler...but since we have a battery powered convertible mustang in the garage we really don't want to get another battery powered toy that will take up more space. We have lookeed at the mini-bikes with training wheels and my hubby keeps insisting that they are still too big for a 4 year old of average height. Does any one have any other suggestions? By the way...we...


3Rd Birthday Gift

My daughters birthday is coming up in August! I have no idea what to get her...

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Help! Two December Birthdays! We're Being Overrun with Toys!

Ok, here's my dilemma. I have two daughters who are turning 2 and 4 in December. I'm making their birthday party invitations this evening, actually. Ours are the only children on my side of the family and they only have one cousin on my husband's side (not to mention, all of our friends that are single or childless), so EVERYBODY wants to get them something and a LOT of somethings. I know it's fun to buy the perfect, cute, funny, noisy, latest thing they're into (can we say 'Little Mermaid party'?). But with Christmas coming up, too,...