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Birthday Party Ideas for a 2 Year Old!! Help!!

I wanted to have a party at the local park but was misinformed about the reservation time frame and all the dates around my daughter's birthday are already taken!!! So now I have to have the party in our small house *sigh*...So can I get some simple party ideas for a 2 year old. I don't think she and her friends from preschool are old enough for games- I'm thinking decorations, pizza, cake, ice cream...give out some party music...Please help me out with any ideas you all have! Thanks!


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Invited to B-day Party for 4 Kids

Hi! We were invited to a birthday party for 4 siblings ranging from 13-8 years old. I only know 2 of the children (they were in my Sunday School class), and my daughter said the youngest is in her class as well. As a mother of 4 myself, with private school costs for all 4, and out of pocket college tuition for me- I don't want to seem 'cheap' but must maintain a reasonable budget in life- and yes, that includes shopping for gifts. Should I do gift cards for 2 children? All 4? How much? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!


2 Year Old Birthday

Any suggestions on throwing a 2 year old birthday party in the Fall? My...


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Broke Mom Planning a Wedding.

My daughter is getting married in June. I need help with cheap finge foods that I can serve/ prepare ahead or easily that day. Without looking like a cheap scate. She graduates in May and marring in June, Off to college in August, I am really Broke ! Also any great idea on decorations,etc any money saving tips would be appreciated. Thanks