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What Is the Best Present You Ever Got?

Sorry I erased it. Friend pregnant with boy girl twins wanting to know what to give her for a gift. What was the best things you got as a gift.


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First Birthday Gifts

Do you have any great ideas for first birthday gifts?? My daughter will be 1 in March. Thank you


First Year Birthday

I am trying to get a list of practical items for my son's one year birthday...


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17 Month Old Won't Keep His Shoes On!!!

My 17 month old Preston is driving my husband and I crazy! As soon as we put him in the car to take him somewhere he's got his socks and shoes off before we even get out of our neighborhood! This is becoming such an annoyance because whenever we get to our destination, we have to put them back on again so we end up putting his shoes /socks back on numerous times during outings . He does this EVERY time and even tries to take them off in the store or wherever. Any tips to get him to leave his feet covered???