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Pregnant Mom on Bed Rest Looking for Things to Do with 4 Year Old. HELP!

I am 36 weeks pregnant and have been on-and-off bed rest for 3 months. I am looking for things to do with our fabulous 4 year old daughter - inside or outside. I am on "modified" bed rest so I don't have to be laying down, I can sit. It's hard to think of fun things to do in the house or backyard where I can sit with my feet up. She starts preschool next week which will help, but I feel horrible because we used to go to the park, go swimming, go for walks and be active and now she's stuck here with me. She is already feeling like the baby...


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3Rd B-day, Indoor Party Ideas

I posted this same question on Sunday, but no one answered, so I'll try again... My son will be 3 on December 29th. With a Dec. b-day, out door parties can be risky plans. For his 1st b-day we had the party at the house. His second b-day, I had just had surgery the day before, so we didn’t have a party. This year we want to do something really fun, as this is the first birthday he has ANY chance of remembering. So far we have looked into “Jurassic Parties” with Pre-Historic Pets and 2 different Ice-Skating rinks (he’s taking...


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My 4-Year-old Constantly Wants Me to Play with Her: Advice?

Hi, Just wondering how other moms have responded to their young kids when they want you to play with them. Lately my 4-year-old daughter is constantly asking me to play with her (usually pretend-play), and gets upset when I have to do other things like housework. She seems to have lost the ability to entertain herself, and it's driving me a bit crazy. She has a younger brother (19 months), but he's too young to really play with her the way that she wants to. Any ideas on what to do?


Crafts + 4 Year Old

What kind of crafts do you do with your four year old? Other than coloring...