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Employee Gifts for Company's 25Th Anniversary Party

Hi everyone, Our family business is celebrating it's 25th anniversary with a picnic party. My husband wants to give everyone something nice in the $20-25 range. I'd like to make sure it's not just junk that they'll throw away. I suppose it's nice to have a company shirt/sweatshirt. I'm stll debating whether is should be something with a company logo, or a general gift, such as a gift certificate to local business. The majority of employees are men from 18-retirement age, and about 25% women. Any ideas or websites to check out? I...


Bridal Party Dilema

So here is my problem we are getting married in two months and my fiance and...


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1St Birthday Gift

Hello everyone! One of my good friends has a little boy who is turning 1 next month. I wanted to get him a unique and special birthday gift but haven't found anything yet. Are there any ideas that you might have? Thanks in advance for your input.


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Vent- Prom Dresses

So my daughter is going to prom with a friend. The problem is we can't find a dress. Been to a few larger towns and so far everything is yuck to my daughter. Here is the issue, she doesn't want any heavy dreses, which means no excessive beads, they all seem to be "bedazzled". That eliminates 50 % of the dresses, Next she doesn't want strapless, there goes another 45% of dresses. Where are the other 5%dresses to be found??? She is built in front and isn't one to show off. Her ideal dress would be a halter top, full length, fitted waist with...