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Newborn at Family Events

I am due Labor Day weekend (haha) first time mom and my DH's only sib is getting married 10/06/12. We've already decided baby is not going, due to being so young, germ exposure, and family flying in from around the country that ALL want to hold him and get in his face. But what about people coming to the hospital to visit, or introducing him to family for the first time, or Thanksgiving? I have no qualms being anal about germs and my family have all had a pertussis booster, but my husband's family has us for Thanksgiving this year and...


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How to Reduce the # of Nursings a Day

Thank you all in advance for your advice. I have a 17 month old daughter who is still nursing. Nether of us is ready to wean, my daughter loves to nurse and I enjoy the relationship that nursing gives us. However, in the last month my daughter has taken to nursing A LOT during the day ( we night weaned so that I can get some sleep, if she wakes up daddy goes and rocks her) she will nurse every 20 minutes some days. I am trying to avoid being her drink of water so to speak. I always make sure she has 3 sippy cups available (milk/water/tea)...


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Should I Take Stroller or ERGO to Airport?

My husband and I are traveling with 6 year old, 5 year old and 16 month old (very petite, 20lbs!), non-stop 4 hour I need to take a stroller? I am thinking I don't want to mess with it, just put the youngest in the ERGO and off we I not thinking of some secret benefit to having a stroller? She doesn't fuss at all in the ERGO, I see more tantrums when having to get into the stroller (and stay there!) Any thoughts would be appreciated! Just wanted to add, we are not flying with a carseat, we have one at our destination...