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How Many Toys Should a 3Yr Old Have?

Now that Christmas is over I'm wondering if my daughter has too many toys? Her dad seems to think she has too much. Overall I completely restocked her toys. I got rid of (almost) all of her old toys and got her new things better suited to her age and development. She had "baby" toys before. Now she has toddler toys that can grow with her. I have already cleaned out and donated her older toys that she's gotten too old for, to make room for her new ones. I don't but her anything else during the remainder of the year so Christmas is the one...


Mildew in Sippy Cups

Is there a way to effectively clean mildew from sippy cups or should I just...


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Ideas for Mix of Kids at First B-day

We are having a backyard/house first bday. We have about 30 adult and 10 kids -- the problem is it's in late June - HOT - and there are 4 babies and 6 kids (3-7). I'm going to have 2 baby pools for the little ones, and we are doing burgers and beer for the adults. Any ideas for the other age kids????? thanks!


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Need Advice for 1St-birthday Gifts

Hi, moms! My little girl is going to be 1 in April (Already! I can't believe how quickly this first year has gone by!). I need some advice on what we should give to her. I don't want a bunch of "junk" that she won't be interested in. Has anyone received/bought anything that turned out to be really good for a one-year old? Any ideas on non-traditional gifts would be great as well. She needs more than toys. Maybe something she could really appreciate for her future. Thanks!