Estate Planning Attorney: Toddler

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Financial Priorities: Real Estate Vs. College Education

J.T. asks from Austin

Okay, ladies...I realize I'm getting a gender-biased response when I ask this BUT for now, I have no where else to ask for a non-biased opinion. My husband (and his...


How Much Do You Pay per Month on Your Mortgage?

S.M. asks from Dallas

We are saving up to buy a house and are very close to our goal. I am just trying to get a ballpark figure of how much we would be paying per month on a $150,000.00 mo...


529 College Savings Plans

K.H. asks from Phoenix

For those of you who have them, how much do you contribute monthly to them? I know the best amount is as much as you can, but I was hoping to get a ballpark figure fo...


Planning a Family Vacation

R.A. asks from Roanoke

Does anyone have any suggestions for a "cheap" family vacation for a family of five - the children are ages 14, 13 and 2 so we have to have a wide choice of activitie...


How to Plan a Dream Backyard for Kids?

S.P. asks from Washington DC

We'll be moving into a new house with a large flat back yard, a little less than .5 acres in backyard alone. We have a 5, 4, 2 yr old...girl, girl, boy. Live in a 4...


Son and Daughter Share a Room?

A.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Hey Everyone! I just want to see what everyones opinions are. We have a 7yr old son, and 3.5 yr old daughter. They love each other and are best of friends. They h...


Assisting Elderly Parents

L.G. asks from Phoenix

Any suggestions on helping your elderly parent prepare her estate before death?


Need a Financial Planner And/or Lawyer

A.W. asks from Minneapolis

After having our first child a couple of years ago, my husband and I have struggled with the idea of needing to have a will - as well as get our finances in order (sa...


Looking for Pest Control Company in Plano/Murphy Area

N.L. asks from Dallas

My family just moved to Murphy Texas. We had a few pests when we moved in and I called Alpha pest mainly because I had a baby crawling around and didn't want any pois...


Pregnant, Have Toddler, and Possibly Moving to Boston; Need Advice

M.A. asks from Boston

Hi mamas - I have a 2-year old son and am pregnant with #2 (knock on wood - just at 11 weeks)...we are considering a move to the Boston area (Belmont, Arlington) beca...