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Looking for a Good OB/GYN in Baltimore

M.L. asks from Washington DC

Hi! I'm planning on trying to get pregnant in the next few months, but I don't want to wait til I am to find a doctor. I currently only see a gyn, no OB (although I w...


Questions About Labor and Breastfeeding

B.V. asks from Kansas City

Hi Moms, We are thinking about having another baby. Actually my first pregnancy and delivery because we adopted our only child who is now 2 1/2 when she was just de...


Upcoming Delivery Causing a Bit of Anxiety

R.S. asks from Chicago

I do have a positive attitude and my doctor tells me I should be just fine for a normal, vaginal birth. A little history: my first, born four years ago, was a c- sect...


Ob-Gyn -- Solo Practice vs Group Practice?

S.Y. asks from Chicago

I recently found out I'm pregnant for the first time and we're trying to decide between a doctor at a solo practice vs group practice. Group practice seems to be pre...


How Long Did You Wait..

S.E. asks from New York

.. to start working out after you had your baby? .. (our little girl will be 3 weeks old on thursday) i feel like such a fat blob lol .. i gained around 50 lbs durin...


Seeking OB/GYN in Northern NJ Who Supports Natural Childbirth

M.L. asks from New York

Can anyone recommend an open-minded Obstetrician in Northern New Jersey who will support my desire for a natural childbirth? My husband isn't comfortable with a midw...


Painful Sex Six Months After Birth

V.F. asks from San Francisco

I gave birth six months ago. It was a vaginal delivery with vacuum extraction. I also had an episiotomy which took more than a month to heal. Prior to giving birth, I...


Seeking OB/GYN in SanDiego

C.B. asks from San Diego

I am 8 weeks pregnant and haven't found an OB/GYN from a referral without a glich. I will be transitioning from an amazing Dr. and staff from San Diego Fertility Cent...


Advice on Cystocele/rectocele/uterine Prolapse Repair

D.M. asks from New York

Hi all, My situation is this: as a result of a traumatic birth experience (forceps, monster episiotomy, big baby), I now have a grade 3 cystocele, rectocele, and u...