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C-section or Vaginal Birth After Severe Tear

D.H. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, With my first child (who is now 21 mo.), I had a vaginal birth. I was relieved when I found out I could deliver vaginally because I previously had fema...


How Soon Can I Work Out?

N.W. asks from Oklahoma City

I just had my baby on the 12 and I was wondering if anyone knew how soon I could start to work out.


Anyone Have Vag Breech Experience???

B.H. asks from St. Cloud

Looking for discussion from anyone who HAS ATTEMPTED OR DONE a vaginal breech delivery. I have reviewed the research in the US on it and don't need the conversation a...


JFF: It Wasn't Horrible! (May Be Tmi)=updated

J.H. asks from San Antonio

So I went today and got a Brazilian wax. Let me tell you, if you've never had it done and wondered about it...it's really not as bad as you might think. Sure there ...


Helping Baby Poo?

T.L. asks from St. Louis

I am wanting to add some Kayro syrup to by baby's bottle to help him poo, but I'm not sure how much to add. He drinks a 4 oz bottle every 3-4 hours. If someone cou...


Is There Any Other Pain Medicines Besides an Epidural?

A.C. asks from Washington DC

im kind of new up here and i was just wondering if anyone knows if theres any other pain medications besides an epidural?


Vasectomy Issues

A.F. asks from San Francisco

First I have told him to call his doctor and he has, he is waiting on them to return his call. That being said he had the vasectomy almost two weeks ago and he is ...


Harlee Quinn Is Here!

M.B. asks from Orlando

My family welcomed Harlee Quinn at 810am weighing in at 10lbs 4.2oz And 21inches long :) I was shocked she was that big! Anyone shocked by a baby bigger then expected?


Is Using Nubane (Sp?) Still Considered Having a Natural Birth?

S.!. asks from Los Angeles

Just curious what the definition of natural birth is? Is nubane a pain releiver or just a mind altering drug? thanks!


Personal! How Long Did You Wait?

E.B. asks from Miami

so we had baby no. 3 three weeks ago. I love to play "tennis". Do we really need to wait the 6 weeks after birth to get back on the court? what consequences can us wo...