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Learning to Budget

K.G. asks from Fort Wayne

Ok we are on a very tight budget and are looking at ways to help the grocery bill. I was thinking of stocking up on rice,pasta and beans. we buy our meat from a butch...


Budget Advice

R.D. asks from Houston

Hi Moms. I know we are all feeling the pinch with the increase in prices in EVERYTHING, however I was specifically wondering if any of you have have survived on abou...



M.M. asks from Los Angeles

hi everyone. my husband and i are are trying to make a budget and want to stick with it. i would love suggestions and ideas on you guys budget and come up with re...


Cost of Living????

K.C. asks from St. Louis

Hell Everyone!! Just gave a quick question....My boyfriend and I are finally moving out with our son (YAY!!)!! We believe we finally will be able to afford it : ) We ...


How Old for Horror Movies?

R.N. asks from Norfolk

Had a though today. I always let my 10 and 11 year olds watch R movies as long as they are horror movies that they are watch with there father and I. I have for about...


Pay It Forward

J.P. asks from Chicago

The other day, my kids and I were at the grocery. My back was turned to the checker because I was giving some money to two boys who didn't have enough to buy their i...


Trying to Stick to a Budget

M.M. asks from Dallas

I've created a budget to deal with my husband's and I expeses because with gas prices the way they are, we can't afford to spend money frivilously. The only problem i...


How Much Do Kid's Cost?

C.L. asks from Dallas

Hi! I'm newly married and my husband and I are wanting to plan and prepare (budget wise) to start a family. I'm a nanny so I'm well aware of all the 'stuff' kiddo's...


To Pay or Not to Pay???

B.F. asks from Toledo

When you ask one of your children’s friends to attend an outing with you, do you expect them to pay for themselves or just go ahead and pay for them? My DD who ...


Vegas on a Budget! Needs Ideas

I.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Mamas, My husband and I have been given a great deal on lodging for 3 days in Vegas. This came up quite suddenly and we really will not have a chance to put...