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Bedtime Routine

H.G. asks from San Francisco

My 8 month old has been, up until now, very good about going to bed. In the last month, however, she hasn't been responding to the way I would just feed her, sing to ...


Down Time for SAHM

T.J. asks from Washington DC

I am a stay at home mom to a wonderfully active 21 month old son. My husband tells me that my time to relax is during the day while he is at work and I am home with m...


Goodie Bags: What Do You Spend and What Do You Give?

D.D. asks from Phoenix

Ugh....is my first thought when I think of goodie bags filled with junk. One year I spend about $4-bucks on each goodie basket just because I hate the thought of "ju...


Birthday Party and Potty Training Help

K.S. asks from Las Vegas

My Son will be 3 in a couple fo days and he is potty trained. he is trained in the sense that he doesn't mess in his pants. if I tell him to go potty he will go in th...


School Suspension Policy over Toys?

D.K. asks from Seattle

My 8 year old is getting suspended from his elementary school for playing with a paper gun that his older friend in the same school gave him today. It's really 2 thic...


3 Mo. Old on an Airplane Flight...

E.M. asks from Harrisburg

Any advise on taking a 3 month old on a 4 hr or so flight (actually with 1 plane change too)? I don't know what we should do with the car seat, or bring toys or what...


Seeking Stepmom Advice

T.V. asks from St. Louis

I have recently become the full-time mother to my 4 year old step-son. His mother just moved out of the area with her fiance and has only called 2 times since she le...


Vacationing and Traveling with a Toddler --Advice and Opinions?

H.A. asks from Spokane

Hello Ladies! I was wondering if I could get some of your experienced opinions! We are planning our first "vacation" (not visiting family, just us away for a fu...