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Goody Bags

S.S. asks from Chicago

When do you stop with the goody bags after a birthday party?? My daughter is having her 10th birthday party at a pizza place and is inviting 12 girls (yikes!) and I ...


First Family Reunion

S.G. asks from San Diego

Hello MOMs, This is my first time putting together a family reunion. Do you have any game ideas, activities etc..... that you could share. Thanks.


Backyard Birthday Party Ideas (4 Year Old)

B.A. asks from New York

I am planning a party for my daughter's 4th Birthday in August. I want do do something on the easy side since I will be in my last trimester with our second child. I ...


Not So Great Summer So Far.

R. asks from San Antonio

Okay, we have had a pretty rough start to summer so far (stay in hospital followed by stomach virus, etc). So now everyone seems healthy (knock on wood) but I have no...


A Very Looong..... Road Trip!!

E.O. asks from Chicago

i need help taking this road trip with 3 very active kids.8,5,2 and 1/2!!!! i know its a bit late cos we r leaving on Monday! please give me some fresh,fresh ideas...


Birthday - Other Ideas on What a Celebration Might Consist of or Be Like

J.W. asks from Minneapolis

Our little girl is going to be 5 next month. We would like to have some kind of celebration that is less gift-oriented, a time for gathering and fellowship w/friends....


Birthday Idea's

T.R. asks from Daytona Beach

My son is turning 6 years old and i want to do something special been and done everything.. I live in florida.. Want to do something different and he'll enjoy.. Any i...


What Do You Do to Keep Your Kids Active???

M.P. asks from Peoria

Now that school is back in full swing, I am trying to figure out ways to keep my boys (6 y/o and 8y/o) more active while balancing school work. We are usually busy w...


What Should We Play?

T.Y. asks from San Angelo

My son has just turned 17 months old. I sometimes feel like he gets bored when he plays. Well he isn't really bored, but I am just wanting some new ideas for activiti...


Did You Go on a Beach Vacation This Summer? What Should I Pack?

L.B. asks from Dallas

Did you go on a beach vacation this summer? We are planning one next summer and I'm wondering if you have any recommendations on what I should make sure I pack. (Bes...