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K.I. asks from Spokane

I have 3 kids ages 6, 4 and 22 months. I have realized recentely that most days I live in constant fear. Fear that one of them is going to get injured, we have had ou...


Working VS. Staying Home

C.G. asks from Washington DC

I realize this is a hot subject for all women in the world but I have to ask the question. Has anyone ever given up a job making alot of money to stay home? If so w...


My Daughter Is 16 and We Are Older Parents, 55 & 62. What Fun Things Can We Do

R.B. asks from San Antonio

What do parents do with their 16 year teens (girl). I'm stuck. The first 15 years were easy but now that my daughter drives it seems like she doesnt want to hang ou...


Need Advise on How to Get Child Used to Living with My Boyfriend.

C.A. asks from Dallas

When I entered my request, I never asked for any of your judgement. I have devoted the first five years of my daughter's life to just her. I believe that she deserves...


Negative Thoughts About Husband, Just a Phase or Real Trouble?

K.D. asks from Denver

Ladies, I really enjoy reading the Mamasource posts - so much good information. I always smirk though, when I read the descriptions of how everyone is married to "the...


Do You Live a "Simple" Life?

O.H. asks from Phoenix

We try to live a simple life. Low stress, focus on God, family and friends. Little to no debt and pay cash for everything. On the rare occasions that we buy somethin...


Why Do So Many Marriages Fail?

J.A. asks from Erie

Hello from a newbie! I've been married for 18 years, but so many friends' marriages have failed, and often, it happens within the first few years. I'm just curious....


First Home - List of Bills

V.W. asks from Minneapolis

I'm trying to put together a list of all of the monthly bills my boyfriend and I will have once we move into our house, but I would like to know if I am missing anyth...


Move to Live With/near Soon-to-be Ex

L.E. asks from Los Angeles

Hi All, As DH and I have very different and incompatible beliefs, attitudes, tastes, and priorities and counseling from a few different therapists has not improved...


Combined Birthday Party for My Sons Both Born in August.

J.M. asks from Chicago

I was wondering if I could get a few of your opinions. Both of my boys were born in August. Jacob will be 5 August 5th and Aaron will be 1 August 18th. I had planned ...