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Does Your Teen Drive Their Own Car?

A.G. asks from Houston

Or do you share? Did you buy the car your teen is driving, or did your teen buy it, or did you guys split it? What were the circumstances leading up to our teen...


To Send to School or Not?

H.M. asks from Dallas

I am torn about what to do with my soon to be 4 year old who wil now be able to attend the public school in August. I used to work outside of the home (last year), s...


Teaching Children About Money.

M.H. asks from San Francisco

For the first three years of our marriage we lived way outside our means. When we found ourselves $45,000 in debt three years ago we were pretty shocked by the whole ...


Affording It All

J.V. asks from Chicago

It's that time of year when I do our 5 year financial plan, take a look at our long term financial health, and figure out our current priorities. Well, I just did ...


Do You Ever Feel like Just Saying 'Screw It All'

K.G. asks from Sacramento

I know I probably sound like poor pitiful me. I am just EXTREMELY frustrated. We moved to a smaller house 1) because the owner was losing it (but we still had lots ...


Any Traditional Moms Out There?

M.B. asks from Washington DC

I'm talking about being a stay at home mom, ON PURPOSE, because you think you should be one... also, being a little more "strict", strong morals, don't let the phras...


How Did You Teach Your Teen About Money

K.S. asks from Denver

Currently, DD is 15 and is super busy with sports and school, so she relies on us for money. She is pretty good at accepting limits and understanding when something i...


Getting My Husbands Cooperation with the Bills!!!!!

A.S. asks from Nashville

I don't think I am alone in this situation, but if anyone has any suggestions to get my husband to cooperate with paying the bills, I will be forever greatful!!!! He ...


Hasn't It Been Long Enough???

I.C. asks from Columbus

Hi Moms, It is really hard for me to share this, but I have to tell somebody. We have been in a financial mess for over three years now. I am just about at ...


Family Excluding My Child

N.H. asks from Harrisburg

So my brother, his wife, and their 11 year old daughter have just moved back into the area. I've helped them look for jobs, keeping their cats in my basement til the...