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Grown up Kids?

F.J. asks from Salt Lake City

I have a son who just turned 19 this summer. He graduated from high school last June. He had a part time job thru high school but now that he is a "real adult" he is ...


6 Month Old Waking up Almost Hourly and Taking 30-Minute Naps!

A.G. asks from Portland

I'm looking for moms who have successfully helped their infant to sleep longer stretches at night and/or taught their baby to put him/herself back to sleep during the...


Does Anyone Know How to Get the Smell of Cat Urine Out of Carpet?

S.W. asks from Sacramento

Hi All: So we have this ferrel/wild cat that lives on our property. He/she lived here before we moved in and has been no trouble up until now. He/she got in the ho...


Some Ways to save Money

A.L. asks from Phoenix

I was recently doing childcare out of my home as well as my full time job as a Social Worker. I was let go from my childcare position. I was expecting to get the ch...


New to the area...help!!

H.D. asks from Seattle

Hello moms, I've recently (as in yesterday) moved out here to the Newcastle area from the Bronx, New York. Just wondering if there were some things I need to know, so...


Mama "Secrets" in Fairfax and Centreville VA

C.T. asks from New York

Hi Mamas- Effective July 1, my family and I will be leaving NY for Fairfax/Centreville VA area and, I am hoping that you all might share some of your "secrets" abo...


Ways to save Money

J.D. asks from Cincinnati

My husband got laid off and we will be living off my salary which is not enough to cover all the bills. We have some money in savings which will help for awhile. We...


Daughter's First Birthday

S.G. asks from Phoenix

My beautiful daughter is turning ONE YEAR OLD at the end of the month. This upcoming event puts a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. I would LOVE some ideas for...


Getting by with Just One Income

L.W. asks from San Francisco

I went back to work in April after being on maternity leave and having a baby since end of December last year. I had a baby end of January but took a long leave due ...


Looking for Ways to save Money

N.K. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, In this crazy economic environment, what are some things you are doing to save money on groceries, clothes, gas, etc. Please share.