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New to Being Stay at Home Mom- Ideas Please!

M.D. asks from Philadelphia

I was recently laid off from my job after being there for 4 years. I actually started the job while 6 months pregnant with my first child (she's now almost 4). Since ...


Toddlers' and Sleep

A.F. asks from New York

I am struggling to this day with my daughters' sleep habits. I feel like by twenty months she should be sleeping through the night until at least 6am. I usually put h...


Hyperactive Child

B.U. asks from Spartanburg

I am in need of some crucial advice. My daughter is 6 years old (in July) and just started 1st grade. We are having some pretty major problems with the teacher saying...


8 Year Old Slumber Party- Ideas?

S.H. asks from Honolulu

Hi all, So my daughter is going to turn 8 soon. Having a slumber party for her as that is what she wanted. Just 4 other girls. They are really self-sufficient and l...


Lessons for 4 Yr Old to Prep for Kindergarten

C.S. asks from Albuquerque

This school year my 4 yr old son will be home, so I want to try to homeschool him. I was wondering if anyone has done this and how. Also, do any of you have suggestio...


First Time Air Travel Jitters

A.D. asks from New York

I will be traveling with my 14 month old next week. The flight is 11hs (departing 11 pm) and then another 30 min flight connection. My stomach is in a knot! Needl...


Toddler on a 10 Hour flight...HELP Traveling Mommies :)

D.C. asks from Honolulu

Okay, so for toddlers under 2 years of age they are not required to have their own seat, and on one hand thats an awesome thing (not having to pay another $800). Well...


Birthday Party for 8 Year Old Girl

E.M. asks from Louisville

Im looking for ideas of things to do at my daughters party we were going to have her party at a place in the mall but shes been in tropuble latley and we have decided...


Daughter 4Th Birthday Party Is a Jungle Party...

P.R. asks from Dallas

My daughter insisted she have a jungle birthday party... so we are having a Jungle theme party at the house. BUT i can not think of anything creative to do for the ki...


Ideas Please!!

C.S. asks from Salt Lake City

We're leaving on a road trip to Oregon in a few days and we're driving. A year ago I wouldn't have even worried one bit about it but my almost 3 year old hates his ca...