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Need Help with Activities for 19 Month Old

A.W. asks from Seattle

HI- I don't even know what to title this request but I need some advice. And I am sure that once our weather gets better and we can get outside more, then I will fe...


Boys Birthday Party Ideas

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

My son turns 7 in a couple of months, and we are looking for a low-cost way of having a party. Any recommendations besides Chuck E Cheese? I was sort of thinking abou...


What Else Is There to Do?

J.W. asks from Dallas

Ok I am going to sound pathetic my issue is that we have 3 girls(10, 7, & 20 months), my husband works really hard 5 & 1/2 days a week and we are broke. Struggeling t...


16 Month Old First Flight

N.L. asks from Chicago

HI Moms, My husband and I are going to Florida on Friday. We're taking our 16 month old son with us and it'll be his first flight. He's our only child so far so i...


Birthday Party for One Year Old

K.M. asks from Philadelphia

My son's first birthday party will be in early October. I wanted to possibly hire someone to do a puppet show or something fun for the kids that isn't necessarily Ba...


8 Year Old Girl Party- Coming up Fast

S.B. asks from Fort Myers

Im having a hard time thinking of what to do for a party AND I only have one week to plan this. I dont have a large budget ($200 for entire birthday party and her pre...


Car "Gifts"

J.S. asks from Philadelphia

I asked a question a few weeks back about how to entertain my kids for an 8 hour car ride. (My oldest is TERRIBLE in the car and has hated car rides since the day she...


Do You Believe in Ghosts?

K.T. asks from Chicago

This might sound crazy and I might be over reacting but my daughter who use to love her room will not go in there alone anymore. She will be 15 months old on Christma...


How Do You Keep a 3 and 2 Year Old Occupied on a Road Trip?

L.D. asks from Atlanta

My family is taking a trip to Hilton Head. It is about a 5-6 hour trip from Atlanta. My husband does not want to pay for an extra night, so we are leaving early in th...



K.J. asks from San Diego

We have a 7 month old who "hates" to read... we have so many fun books, but she just wants to stick them in her mouth -- it is great when she tries to turn the pages,...