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2Nd Birthday Ideas

K.K. asks from Nashville

My daughter will be turning 2 in about 6 weeks. We weren't able to have a party for her 1st birthday so I really want to have one this year. Here is my problem...I ...


At What Age Did You Take Your Child to the Theatre

B.P. asks from New York

Yes, I know there are children out there that go see "La Traviata" at 3 but for the rest of the kids out there, when did you guys take them to the movies? My husband...


Birthday Party Ideas for a 4 Yr Old

J.B. asks from Columbus

I am in need of ideas of where to have a party for my soon to be 4 yr old daughter. Her birthday is at the end of January and wants to have a birthday party with all ...


Moms Who Have Wii, Please Come In

D.M. asks from Boston

I just bought a Wii for my husband and 2 girls - 3 and 5 years old. I want to know, what games do you enjoy? I bought Madden Football for my hubby, and Dora as the ...


Birthday Party Activities

J.G. asks from Salt Lake City

My daughters third birthday is comming up (the week of halloween) and she is having a princess party. I am planning on decorating small pumpkins (stickers and marke...


Inexpensive Way to Celebrate a SWEET 16.

L.D. asks from Houston

To all the other moms out there. My question is for my sister-in-law. Given the ecomony, how can we celebrate a SWEET 16 with a limited income. Any ideas or suggestio...


Need Ideas for Little Girls 1St Bday Party!!

A.S. asks from Dallas

Ok, so I made the invitation; I put that "princess Ava summons all the knights and fair maidens to her castle for the royal celebration, etc. signed it with rsvp to t...


So Stuck on Birthday Party for 5 Year Old.

M.K. asks from Denver

We have never been a family that has had a big birthday party for our kids. Their first birthday was all friends and family. Now that she is 5 she has many friends. ...


Party with over 20 Kids- Any Entertainment Ideas to Prevent Home Destruction?

E.L. asks from San Francisco

Hello mamapedia network- My daughter is turning one and we invited pretty much everyone... it turns out there will be over 20 kids at the party of varying ages fr...


Including All Kids at a Party

L.M. asks from Dover

My daughter wants a princess party for her 4th birthday. I have a few ideas but am trying to come up with great ways to include the boys (we have a few close relativ...