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Need Help Planning a Benifit Dinner PLEASE

K.N. asks from Grand Rapids

Our God-Daughter was raced to the hospital this summer with both lungs near collapse and major dehydration. Now, the bills have piled up and they are at risk of losin...


Teaching the Value of Money

C.M. asks from Chicago

I'm not sure if this is typical of the age group, or if we need to do something different. My daughter is 10, and LOVES American Girl Dolls. She has been the lucki...


Creative, Simple 1St Birthday Ideas

H.T. asks from Detroit

Hello Everyone, I know it is early...but I am ALREADY being pressured to throw this elaborate 1st birthday for my son in June! Well, I have already disappointed m...


This Is Not Normal Teenage Behavior

B.B. asks from Indianapolis

My daughter will be 15 next week. She is the most dispespectful child I have ever known. She has been diagnosed in the past with ADHD,bipolar and borderline personal...


2Nd Grader with Possible Learning Disability

K.M. asks from Cincinnati

I have a 7-year-old son in the second grade. My husband and I just went to a scheduled parent/teacher conference this past week and we have found out that our son ma...


Ideas Needed for 6Yr Old Son B-day Party

K.P. asks from Dayton

I am looking for ideas of places to hold my son 6th birthday party. He likes dinosaurs, pirates, & swimming too. I am hoping you ladies out there can come up with new...


Car Sickness

C.M. asks from Detroit

My two year old daughter gets car sick whenever we go out. I have used Dramamine and given it to her an hour before we leave. Also have done frequent stops to try and...


Need Help from Experienced Black Friday Shoppers...

N.H. asks from Peoria

Hi. I've never shopped black friday sales. This year, I've found I need a new electronic item & decided that I cannot pass up Wal Mart's pre-black Friday sale. Here's...


Poll: Black Thursday

☆.H. asks from San Francisco

Many retailers are opening up and starting black friday sales on Thanksgiving afternoon/evening this year. I'm curious, how many of you will you be out shopping?


Three Questions

T.C. asks from Detroit

I have about three questions that are all unrelated. My son is 3 1/2 years old. I sent him to a "pre-school" last fall & didn't continue because I wasn't thrilled...