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3 Year Old Playing on Her Own

M.W. asks from Washington DC

My daughter will be 3 at the end of January. I don't know if it's just me, or if there are other toddlers like this... but she doesn't seem to want to play on her own...


Wild Child

H.P. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi All: Just in the past couple of weeks my 2 year old son (27 months) has started to act really wild from like 5pm until bedtime. I swear it is like he is on spee...


Traveling with Toddler

N.P. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mammas My husband and I are taking our 12 month old to Hawaii this week. Any suggestions for smooth travel? We'll be staying for 6 days-3 in a hotel and 3 in a co...


Baby Shower Gift for Twins

W.I. asks from Chicago

Good morning moms! I was wondering if any of you could give me suggestions on what to get a good friend for her baby shower. She had twins so I feel I have to get two...


Down Time for SAHM

T.J. asks from Washington DC

I am a stay at home mom to a wonderfully active 21 month old son. My husband tells me that my time to relax is during the day while he is at work and I am home with m...


Baby's 1St Christmas

C.C. asks from Dallas

Hi, I'm a first time mommy and my daughter will be nine months this Christmas. I was wondering if you could help with suggestions that are age appropriate. I'm thi...


8 Year Old Still Wetting Bed and Refusing to Take a Shower.

N.W. asks from Sherman

My 8 year old daughter is still wetting her bed and Im going crazy. I need to find a way to stop it. To make matters worse Im having to fight with her about taking a ...


I Started Out on the Right Track. . . Confessions of a Mom Who's BURNED OUT

P.M. asks from Denver

My son will be two in November. I suddenly feel like I'm giving up. He started out exclusively breastfed for a year, when he first started eating I made all his food,...


What kind of activities can I do with my 2 year old at home?

M.G. asks from Washington DC

Ok, it is summer time but due to one thing and another we only have one car. so i was wondering what kind of activities i can do with my almost 2 year old at home ...


Activity Suggestions for 2 & 1/2 Year Old

L.K. asks from Kansas City

I have a very active little boy who like a lot of kids has been cooped up thru much of the winter. he has serious cabin-fever and I know that is part of his proble...