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What Does Your Child Do in Reguards to Chores/Help Contribute to the Family?

S.S. asks from Dallas

What does your child do in reguards to Chores/Help Contribute to the family? I am looking to make a little helper chart to have her start learning responcibilty. I w...


Bored 14 Month Old -

M.M. asks from Fresno

Hi Moms, I am starting to think my daughter is getting bored during the day. What are some things I can do to help make the day better for her? Sadly there is one ...


Looking for 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

M.R. asks from Los Angeles

I am looking for ideas for my sons 2nd year old birthday. Iam doing it at my house but would like to have many activitys and different things. Am getting a jumper, b...


Best First Birthday Gifts That You Got a Lot of Use Out Of!

S.D. asks from Chicago

I am looking for favorite first birthday gifts...I really would like good gifts that my son will be able to use and that you have really loved. I find it is hard to f...


Good Presents for 2 Year Old

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

What did your 2 year old love? Or not love? I am trying to find good presents for my almost 2 year old for Christmas AND Birthday! I learned last year that some prese...


Pre-teens and Young Teens

J.D. asks from Panama City

Is there anyone out there with middle school girls? How do you handle crushes? There seems to be a "need" to have a boyfriend. My daughter is about the only one not a...


Baby Shower Gift

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

I just started a new job a week ago and was invited to a baby shower for my supervisor and his wife's one-year-old they just adopted. I was just wondering if you may...


Bath and Toothbrushing Struggles with 18 Month Year Old - Solve Without Tears??

J.R. asks from Miami

All of a sudden my LO does not like to take a bath or brush his teeth: 1. Until a month ago my LO would sit and play in the bath with his special edushape bath tos...


What Did Your Kid(s) Ask for Christmas???

I.S. asks from Sacramento

My lil one asked for things not typical of a 5yr old....he asked for the following: * a shovel * old style alarm clock (one with the bells on top) * a train * a...


First Birthday Gift Ideas

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have quite a few friends who have babies who will be turning 1 year old in the next few months. My baby (our first) is 6 months old, so I am not quite sure what an ...