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Making a Road Trip More Enjoyable

A.K. asks from Atlanta

Every time we get into the car my son who is 20 months has almost temper tantrums. He knows that we have a screen and that his movies play in the car so that is part...


INFO & TIPS On Flying Internationally with 4 Young Children

S.R. asks from St. Louis

Hi Moms! I need some great tips. I just found out I am flying to Switzerland ( leaving in 2 weeks) with my four kids (daughter 9,twin sons 6, and baby daughter 11 m...


I Need Help... Still... My Baby Will Not Stop Crying If I Am Not with Her

C.Q. asks from San Francisco

Ok, I know I have asked this question before. But I am going to ask this question again and hope for some additional advice that will actually help because I am break...


Setting Limits on Tv/video Games

K.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Mamas! I have a 5 year old son and 1 year old daughter. So far my son only watches PBS along with some disney movies. He loves legos, blocks and creative pla...


Is Listening to Mozart Able to Make Our Children More Intelligent

L.N. asks from Los Angeles

Is listening to Mozart or playing some brain-training toys able to make our children more intelligent? I learnt from one of my friends that listening to some classic ...


Advice on Traveling with Wobbler?

M.T. asks from Portland

In a few weeks we'll be flying for the first time with our 10 month old son. Any advice on how to keep him occupied on the plane? Also, if we can we'd like to avoid...


Harry Potter

E.M. asks from Chattanooga

Ok when I was pregnant with my son I love to read, I read Harry Potter books and Chronicals of Narnia. Well now Hary Potter Movies is all he wants to watch well all h...


Help Planning Daily Lessons/activties for 2 Yr. Old This Summer

A.T. asks from Columbus

I will be home with my daughter this summer - she is currently in day care part-time, but my job ends in June. I feel like I should have daily things planned for her ...


What to Do During the Day?

D.D. asks from Lakeland

I've just got my third child off to kindergarten and just have my 3 year old at home and to be quite honest, it seems harder work just having one at home than it did ...



A.G. asks from Dayton

My daughter will be 20 months tomorrow and when she went to her 18 mo check up her Dr asked how many of her body parts she could identify. She's won't pay attention t...