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Watching TV During Meal Times

M.K. asks from Dallas

We are transitioning our 14 mo old to more solids but he continues to eat the little bit he was eating earlier and now we give him two less bottles a day which means ...


Is My Baby Bored?

C.S. asks from Eugene

My 7 month old baby boy doesn't sit still. His attention span is quite short. He plays with his toys, but usually not more than 5 - 10 minutes at a time. He likes to ...


Please Recommend a Place for My Son's First Haircut

L.L. asks from Chicago

My son is turning one and desperately needs a cut before his birthday party. He does not sit still, but when he watches his baby einstein movies. ( not sure if it w...


How Much Is Too Much Television?

L.D. asks from Boston

I let my daughter watch a total of 2 1/2 hours of TV a day. She wathces 1 1/2 in the morning so I can do breakfast, laundry, cleaning etc. And then just one hour aft...


Looking for a Fun and Engaging DVD for My Toddler

E.B. asks from Washington DC

Hello! My daughter doesn't watch TV or movies (except maybe Matt Lauer on the Today show, ha) however I'm looking to introduce her to some type of DVD as a Christmas...


Is a Stationary Jumper/entertainer Worth It?

L.L. asks from Tucson

Hi Everyone! My daughter is in that squirmy age of 5 months. She's just discovered rolling (one direction) and the independence has gone to her head : P. She's growin...


Car Seat Issues

B.J. asks from Tampa

My son is 5 months old and for the past few months he hates being alone in the backseat. Anytime I drive anywhere with him he becomes hysterical. I have tried everyth...


How to Keep 17Month Old Busy on a Plane?? Help!

A.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi mom, Well, we're flying from CA to TX for the holidays, and I'm so nervous! We have a 3.9 yo daughter, who I'm not too worried about, as far as entertainment goe...


Will My 18Month Old Benefit More from Daycare than a SAHM?

A.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, I am a stay at home mom to my 18 month old son, as a result of job loss in Nov 2008. I haven't been able to find a job since, so I am home all day taking ...


Is Tv Really Bad for Kids?

Y.C. asks from New York

I saw a post about tv for toddler and I saw that most parents agree that tv should be barely on, or if you are like Tigers mom, none at all. Do I am the only one tha...