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Want to Do Sign with My Baby

C.A. asks from Portland

I think we could have averted a lot of frustration with our other two had we done signing. So I want to with our newest one. Any recommendations on things other than ...


Curious If DVD Set Is Legit . . .

E.R. asks from Sacramento

I was wondering whether anyone has purchased the Baby Einstein 26 DVD set (various retailers online). It seems like a good deal, but I don't know if its real or not ...


In Car DVD Players - Worth the Cost?

J.W. asks from Washington DC

My family and I take several long drives to visit family and friends. During the drives our daughter sometimes grows restless and gets really excited when my husband...


Toddler Advice!

C.S. asks from Kansas City

Hi Ladies,maybe some of you have run into this... My daughter is 18 mos and watches the Baby Einstein dvds.In the past 2 months she has taken to BITING the tv! I wan...


Best Educational Video in General for 16 Month Old

J.R. asks from Miami

I try to utilize TV/DVDs sparingly -- up to one hour to one hour and 20 minutes a day depending on weather, if hubby can help, health etc.... It is also the only thin...


Baby Videos

D.G. asks from Washington DC

I am soon to have twins with a 19 month old already at home. I want to buy some DVDs for her to watch during times when I just need her to be entertained when I am to...


Baby Who Watches Cartoons

Y.D. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if their were any other mothers whose baby (under a year old) really liked to watch cartoons. I thought that it was ok for him to watch cartoons with ...


Necessary to Have Both a Jumper and an Exercise Saucer?

M.S. asks from Chicago

I'm a very practical person, so when I became pregnant with my first son, I checked with friends to see what I could get second-hand before registering for new produc...


Any Mobiles Lasting Longer than 5 Minutes??

L.L. asks from Los Angeles

Help! My 8 week old loves her Pooh mobile and her Hello Kitty mobile - but they only last about 5 minutes - we can only find Fisher Price and Baby Einstein that last...


Entertaining a 3-Month Old?

O.C. asks from Corpus Christi

I have just recently begun staying home with my beautiful 3-month old daughter. She is amazingly alert and doesn't take very long naps during the day (maybe 30-45 min...