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Advice for Air Travel with Infant

M.D. asks from San Francisco

Hello all!! I have a question regarding air travel and sleep on vacation for other mom's out there. I am planning to take my 8 month old on two vacations in Febru...


Air Travel Tips

Y.G. asks from Las Vegas

In December my family (husband and twin daughters) will be traveling to Chicago for a wedding. The girls will be almost a year and a half by then. My question is, doe...


Seeking Advice About Air Travel with Toddlers

A.R. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone, I am used to traveling for business purposes, but I rarely travel for pleasure, so I'm afraid I'll be forgetting something this trip. I'm headed to Or...


Airplane Travel

H.G. asks from Dallas

I'm going to be flying to San Diego with my 11 month old twins next week. We've flown with them before, but this time I'm traveling with a friend because my husband ...


Air Travel with Toddler

D.W. asks from Los Angeles

My husband and I will be flying to the East Coast from California this spring-- a 5.5-6 hour flight-- with our toddler who will be 21 months. So a few questions for e...


Britax Car Seat? Car Seat for Air Travel?

L.B. asks from Fort Wayne

Hi ladies, we are in the process of looking for a new car seat for one of our cars. I read a request and lots of responses a couple days ago about reviews of converti...


Seeking Advice on Air Travel with 1 Year Old

C.N. asks from Philadelphia

Please share your experiences traveling (on airplanes) with your child/children. We are planning to visit my husband who is serving in the Army and I just booked air...


Advice on Airplane Travel with a 7 Month Old

C.K. asks from Philadelphia

Hi everyone! My husband travels for work a few times a year and he will be going to Florida in May. We have the opportunity (myself and son) to travel also to Flori...


Air Travel with a 15-Month Old

N.H. asks from Minneapolis

My husband and I are traveling with our 15-month old in ten days to Portland, Maine. We had no choice but to have a connection and though it's a fairly short trip on ...


Air Travel Tips with 2 Active Boys Under Age 4

C.H. asks from Norfolk

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions in air travel for a (just turned) 4yr old and 2 yr old. I have not traveled by air since the new regulations have been ...