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Cell Phone for Childern

M.M. asks from Salt Lake City

We just got back from a family get together and i was amazed at how many childern had cell phones. The childern that had phones are 6 years old and up. My childern- a...


Cell Phone and Friends for Young Teen Boys

K.B. asks from Seattle

My 13 year old boy has not once this year invited any of his friends home. I've asked him many times to ask someone over and even offered him $. I worry about his fr...


JFF: Where Do You Put Your Cell Phone?

S.H. asks from Honolulu

JFF.... Where do you put your cell phone, when you are out or in the car? Pocket? Purse? Holding it in your hand? I mean, what other place is there to hold one'...


Help with My New Cell Phone!

D.V. asks from Pittsburgh

OMG! I was eligible for an upgrade in 07! I LOVED my old cell phone. My sweetest sweet youngest daughter decided it needed a bath......So I hated the thought of go...


How to Trace a Cell Phone?

M. asks from Houston

Hi, does anyone know how I can trace a cell phone number? We receive periodic prank calls from someone we suspect (possibly their friend's phone) but the number is a ...


Cell Phone Question

H.D. asks from Dallas

I am due for a cell phone upgrade so I went to the AT&T store and picked out a new phone. The salesman said I could only get that phone if I upgraded my plan to unlim...


Playstation 3 Headset

R.K. asks from Boston

Hi moms and dads. Hoping you or significant others might have a suggestion. I want to get a hubby a decent headset for his playstation 3 and I am looking for recommen...


Teens and Cell Phone Rules

L.M. asks from Chicago

I wonder what moms do to give guidelines for cell phone use for young teens. Do you restrict minutes, texting, share costs, restrict time they can use it?


Cell Phone for 12Yo Daughter

S.K. asks from Houston

My 12 yo wants a cell phone...yes there is a 12 yo out there without a phone! I still don't feel she's responsible enought or even really needs one. I have to admit...


Cell Phone Confusion

D.G. asks from Dallas

I really want to upgrade to a smart phone. BUT I don't do the cell phone contracts. I am with T-Mobile and so far they have been pretty good and I like the price. ...