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To Monitor or Not to Monitor Texting or MySpace

Z.S. asks from Denver

I have found software to be able to monitor what my teenager is texting or writing on MySpace. But should I? And if I do, should I tell her that I am?


Facebook Addiction?

M.G. asks from Seattle

Are any of you facebook users? I am not, but I understand it is more user friendly than myspace and tons of people are using it. I get asked if I am not it a lot. ...


Do You Have a Home Phone?

M.D. asks from Dallas

we are considering having our home phone turned off. We hardly ever use it.. We always use the cell phones. It would save us about 50-60 per month and we have enoug...


Phone Service

W.D. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if anyone out there has vonage for their phone service? If so - how do you like it.


Phone Service

G.G. asks from Chicago

We rarely use our phone service. We have AT & T and we both work full-time and make minimal phone calls from home. If we make a long distance call we usually use our...


Buying a Used Cell Phone

L.M. asks from Cleveland

dh didn't get insurance on his phone, I know, i know, ok so the first phone he got wet and it was toast, bought a new one, dropped it, he is looking into buy...


Answer the Phone!

B.L. asks from Johnson City

At what age do most kids begin making phone calls to friends and receiving them? What kind of guidelines do you have for when they are on the phone? My 9 1/2 yo ask...


Phone Use

S.P. asks from Austin

My 7 year old son came home from day camp yesterday and stated that he and a friend he made at camp would like to call each other on the phone. Our son has never lik...


I Phone 4

L.A. asks from St. Cloud

My phone keeps freezing up for long periods of time and saying my storage is full. I don't know what it means. I have deleted all messages with pictures and texts. I ...


Cell Phone Service

A.M. asks from Dallas

I need a new cell phone and possibly new service. I have Sprint currently (29.99 a month plus taxes) and it's fine except I don't use all my minutes and I am on their...