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Good Toys for 13 Month Olds....

J.L. asks from Savannah

What do your 13 month old kiddos like to play with? I find that my son gets bored easily with the toys that I have and is much more fascinated with "real" things, li...


How to Cope with "Everybody Else Gets" When It's TRUE!

L.C. asks from New York

My 10- and 13-year-old children attend a small parochial school and most of the families there are pretty much middle-class. Both complain that everyone else in thei...


What Are Good Gifts for a 2Yr Old Boy?

L.L. asks from Chicago

My son is turning 2 in the summer and we are wondering what would be a good gift/s to get him. He is pretty active and loves wheels, he will flip his stroller and p...


Suggestions for Celebrating and Gift Ideas for 5Th Grade Graduation

C.M. asks from Austin

My 11 year old son is graduating from the 5th grade next week (going into middle school next year). I would like to celebrate by doing someting special for him. Sugge...


Camp Care Packages

B.L. asks from Johnson City

I am a new mom of two "soon to be adopted" boys--ages 10 and 11. They will have their first experience with 4-H camp this summer and I wanted to send them care pac...


Seeking Lactation Consultant in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area

S.J. asks from Dallas

New mom of one week old baby boy. Having problems with latching while nursing. Any tips or professional recommendations are greatly appreciated.


So We'll Be Taking Our First Big Family Camping Trip

L.M. asks from New York

Hi all! This summer we're taking our first big camping trip with the kids to Acadia National park in Maine. We're going in August. The girls will be 5 and 6 and the b...


A Very Looong..... Road Trip!!

E.O. asks from Chicago

i need help taking this road trip with 3 very active kids.8,5,2 and 1/2!!!! i know its a bit late cos we r leaving on Monday! please give me some fresh,fresh ideas...


Not So Great Summer So Far.

R. asks from San Antonio

Okay, we have had a pretty rough start to summer so far (stay in hospital followed by stomach virus, etc). So now everyone seems healthy (knock on wood) but I have no...


Need Ideas for Toys for a Boy (With Older Sister)

K.M. asks from San Francisco

Hello, I'm in need of some advice on what to get for my almost 2 year old son. I have a 4 year old daughter so most of our toys are dolls, babies, kitchen stuff, tea ...