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V-tech or Leapfrog

A.M. asks from Greensboro

My son ayden will be turning 5 in november and we are wanting to get him a video system....my husband has a play station that the boys LOVE to play..but ayden isnt ge...


Does This Seem a Bit Much? (3 Yo with Their Own iPod Touch)

K.U. asks from Detroit

We have a teenage girl in our neighborhood that baby sits a lot of the little ones in the neighborhood, including our 3 yo daughter. She has an iPod Touch and was le...


Digital Camera for a 3 Year Old

C.R. asks from Columbus

I would like to get my son a digital camera for his 3rd birthday. I have done some research and found the following options: V-Tech, Fisher Price, Leap Frog and Cray...


Last Few Items That Need to Go!!!

S.G. asks from Dallas

I have the following that I will donating if not taken by Frday! 1 Pooh house(with balls and a few miscellaneous toys) 1 Nokia phone 1 verizon phone 1 baby tub ...


My 3 Year Old Won't Answer Questions

D.E. asks from Cincinnati

My youngest will be 3 this month. He is starting a pre-school like program next month. He has a well child and physical scheduled next week and I plan on speaking wit...


Learning for Kids

Y.Z. asks from Los Angeles

Is there a handheld learning activity games for my 4 year old grandson has to be abc just learning his abc, numbers everything. He loves the cell phones. Something he...


Magic Jack... YES / NO

L.M. asks from Kansas City

How does this actually work, do you need to be on the computer to call? Do you plug your phone into the magic jack or does the magic jack plug into the wall? Do ...


Digital Camera for 5 Yr Old Girl. (Toy)

D.D. asks from Denver

My baby girl is constantly taking my phone and taking pictures. We were at a church talent show and she snapped away. So needless to say I have too many pictures on m...


Seeking Advice on Digital Camera for a 5 y.o. Boy

S.M. asks from Naples

My child would like Santa to bring him a digital camera for Christmas. I am willing to do this, but not sure what to buy. I need something really sturdy (dropable),...


Any Other Work at Home Moms??

J.G. asks from Salt Lake City

I work at home and have a 2 1/2 year old son (as well as a two month old baby girl) and I'm wondering what are the best toys or activities to keep my son occupied whi...