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Adding Extras to Infant Cereal

Okay I was just wondering why some people add fruits and juice to infant cereal? I have been reading some responses to some requests about rice cereal and younger babies. I have read things like It is bland, so I add juice or fruit to it or I add sugar or brown sugar to make it taste better. So I really want to know why parents do this? Because the baby is used to breast milk or formula and I know that those things don't taste great to us, but we have been eating all kinds of stuff. Babies have never tasted anything else, they don't...


Infant Breast Lump

Has anyone ever heard of or experienced breast lumps in their baby girls? ...

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Baby Doesn't like Gerber 3Rd Foods (Texture)

My daughter is 9 1/2 month old and I've been trying to give her the 3rd foods meals that are chunkier and she doesn't like it at all and gags. Tonite I attempted to give her pasta primavera flavor (it has tiny pearl pastas) and she made the gagging face and I kept trying but gave her small spoonfuls and she ended up throwing it up. No big deal for her. I opened up a jar of 2nd foods and she was fine and continued to eat the new food choice. She is doing well with other solid food, so far she's had banana, cheerios, Gerber crunchies, egg...