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Educational Christmas Gift Ideas?

K.S. asks from Kansas City

I'm looking for some ideas for educational and fun Christmas gifts. I have two boys 5yrs & 2 1/2yrs and two girls 4 yrs & 8 months. Please share anything that your ...


Baby Einstein

S.R. asks from Boca Raton

i was wondering what anyone thought about the baby einstein products, do you like the videos, cd, baby gear?


Looking for More Quality Items for Fun Time

K.W. asks from Corpus Christi

My baby isn't here yet, but I'm so excited i'm already getting prepared! Can anyone suggest videos, books, etc. that are geared more towards teaching and/or instil...


More Help with Reading

R.B. asks from Springfield

I have a daughter who is 10, and she has trouble reading. She likes to read, she likes books, but she struggles. She does well in every other subject, and is social...


"Your Baby Can Read"

A.T. asks from Provo

I watched a program on TV the other day called "your baby can read". Basically you can buy this program that has movies, books, and notecards that can teach your baby...


Kindle Fire, Nexus, Nabi2, or Nook Color

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

So my mom and aunt went it for an expensive dvd player for the car for my daughter for her birthday since she travels so much between her dad and my house and grandpa...


4 Year Old Peeing in the Bed

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is very beautiful, independent, intelligent and has brat tendancies (my fault) but what concerns me is the fact that she has been potty trained for two ye...


They Want to Hold My Son Back in K

G.H. asks from New York

I am desperate for help. I just had a parent teacher conference and my son is in danger of being held back. I have to write a letter to the principle to ask her not t...


Help with How to Keep up with My Toddler and Teachings

T.B. asks from Grand Rapids

Well what I need help with is my sons development and what to teach I was reading that it's good or at this age I am to teach him how to be gentle and start ...


Seeking Suggestions for Science Books for Young Children

M.C. asks from Orlando

My 2nd grade daughter & 4 year old son love science related books, pictures, etc. When we go to the library, they are usually more interested in the reference books ...