Ectopic Pregnancy

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So Afraid and Worried That I Might Have a Ectopic Pregnancy

N.H. asks from Eugene

I am 18 and about a few years ago I was raped and was found with chlymida I got that tooken care of but in the reasult was i had a high percentage of a ectopic pregna...


Post Ectopic Pregnancy Removal Surgery

B.H. asks from Tampa

I had surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy two weeks ago. Two incisions were laproscopic, but I have a 4 inch incision where a C-section would take place. My post...


Ectopic Pregnancy Treated (In Ovary) 4 Weeks Ago W/shot of Rhogam

C.M. asks from Portland

Went to E.R. found out I have a baby in my uterus, went to E.R. because of severe pain & bleeding. They measured the baby from head to bottom-ultrasound-found it was...


Need Advice Fast

N.L. asks from Oklahoma City

Well I havent had a period since May but in may my period only lasted three days and my normal ones are 5 to 7 day. But I have taken 3 pregnancy test and they were ne...


Pregnancy After Hysterectomy

L.N. asks from Nashville

I know this is going to sound stupid, but bear with me please. I delivered my daughter VBAC almost 2 years ago, resulting in a ruptured uterus and subsequent part...


Late Period

S.B. asks from Topeka

I seem to ask for alot of advice lately. I just love this site and all the knowledge. I thank you all. Almost 3 years ago I had my tubes tied. Every month I have ...


Any Hopeful Advice Would Be Appreciated!

E.S. asks from Los Angeles

I am hoping that someone can offer me a glimmer of hope. I am not sure how far along I am cause I dont know when my last period was. I found out I was pregnant the ...


Having Complications Wondering If Anyone Else Has Been in My Spot??

M.H. asks from Provo

Hi I just found out last friday the 23 that I am pregnant with my 2nd child we are really excited and have been trying forever to get this baby but yesterday morning ...


Is It an Etopic Pregnancy?

L.M. asks from Wichita

I found out last week that I am 4 weeks pregnant. Last night I had some bad cramping. It was on the left side of my abdomen. Now when i woke up this morning, I hav...


5 Weeks Pregnant and Have Severe Cramps and Some Bleeding(varies Differently)

J.L. asks from Saginaw

is it possible that i have an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy? because this is my first pregnancy and I went to the emergency room 2 days ago for severe abdomina, back and ...