Ectopic Pregnancy

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Question for Those Who Have Had a Ruptured Ectopic

L.S. asks from Dallas

Hello, I just suffered an ectopic pregnancy about a week and a half ago and am still recovering physically and mentally. My left tube was removed but both ovaries w...


Ovulation After Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery

A.S. asks from Dallas

I had a miscarriage (chemical pregnancy) in February. After a very painful and nauseating miscarriage my cycle continued as normal. I ovulated about the same time I...


Anyone Had Ectopic Pregnancy Resolve Itself? How About a Healthy Preg After?

L.G. asks from Detroit

I've known my pregnancy was not viable since 2 days after I had a positive test. HCG stayed low (highest was 400) but continued to rise, so Dr. did ultrasound today ...


Ectopic Pregnancy - How to Be Sure It's Going Away?

L.K. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all, this is my second post regarding ectopic pregnancy.. I got the methotrexate shot 3 weeks ago (July 28th, the day i was diagnosed with ectopic and my HCG level...


Ectopic Pregnancy

H.H. asks from Kansas City

I had been having some strange bleeding since my last menstrual cycle and after speaking with my OB, we decided to do a D & C and a hysteroscopy to see what was going...


Ectopic Pregnancy

L.O. asks from Pittsburgh

Back in November I had to get the methotrexate shot - it was a nightmare, my 10 1/2 month old ( at the time, now he's 13 months old ) was still nursing aso he had to ...


Ectopic Pregnancy and Loss of a Fallopian Tube

E.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi everyone, I am new to Mamasource and have loved reading and responding to others this week. I am currently recovering from surgery to remove a 6cm Ectopic preg...


Conceiving After Miscarriage And/or Ectopic (Plus RH Negative)

L.C. asks from Houston

Hey there. I miscarried naturally on 12/6. I am still waiting for confirmation that all the tissues have passed. This has been a horrible and devasting experience. I ...


Ectopic Preg & Early Menopause

C.H. asks from Norfolk

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any good advice for me. I have been diagnosed with early menopause. I am 40 yrs old and have had two children at 36 and 3...


Having a Baby After an Ectopic Pregnancy

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

Hi I'm a mom of 3 beautiful girls 10,7,and 2. I'm 28 years old and just recently found out I was pregnant super shocked by the way considering I was on BC and got my ...