Ectopic Pregnancy

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Trying to Conceive After Having an Ectopic Pregnancy

L.C. asks from Houston

Hey mommas! A little over a year ago, I had an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in surgery removing my left tube. I have endometriosis which was most likely the cause...


Seeking Women Who Have Had an Ectopic Pregnancy

M.I. asks from Lexington

I'm 29 years old and recently suffered the loss of my 8 week old pregancy to an ectopic pregnancy. It has been a hard time for me both physically and mentally. I wa...


Might Have an Ectopic Pregnancy.

S.U. asks from Los Angeles

Hi,on saturday I went to my doctor's I had an vaginal ultrasound and didnt find a baby. Im guessing im around 4-6 weeks pregnant. I had blood drawn on saturday and th...


Dealing with an Ectopic Pregnancy

K.S. asks from New York

Has any mom out there had or knows someone that had an ectopic pregnancy- abnormal pregnancy where the egg implants elsewhere besides the uterus. Sonogram after sonog...


Seeking Help on Ectopic Pregnancy

A.B. asks from Memphis

I recently found out that i am pregnant. I went to the ER with some mild cramps on my left side, about seven years ago i had an ectopic pregancy and i had to have la...


Ectopic Pregnancy in April, When to Try Again?

J.K. asks from St. Louis

Hi all, my husband and i found out in april we were pregnant with baby #2, very much surprised since i was on the pill but instantly happy. 6 short days later i was i...


Ectopic Pregnancy Question

M.S. asks from Grand Rapids

so, i went to the health department yesterday to get a pregnancy test and ask for my iud to be taken out. the test was negative. but, as in my previous posts, i feel ...


Pregnant and Scared of an Ectopic

J.S. asks from Springfield

I just found out over the weekend that I am pregnant. I haven't gotten into my doctor yet to find out the information I needed, and I am needing some help fast so I d...


Question for Those Who Have Had a Ruptured Ectopic

L.S. asks from Dallas

Hello, I just suffered an ectopic pregnancy about a week and a half ago and am still recovering physically and mentally. My left tube was removed but both ovaries we...


Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment/side Effects?

L.K. asks from Los Angeles

Last week my dr thought I had a miscarrage because few days after what i though was my period i started spotting.. but when I went back to have them check my hormone ...