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Tubal Pregnancy

J.K. asks from Phoenix

I just found out that I'm pregnant and I'm at risk for tubal pregnancy. Of course, I feel pain in my abdomen and I'm worried it's tubal. Has anyone had a tubal preg...


Tubal Pregnancy

E.J. asks from Cincinnati

Two years ago I had a tubal pregnancy that resulted in emergency surgery that left me with only one tube. My husband and I are wanting to have another baby soon. My...


Normal Pregnancy After a Tubal Pregnancy

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

I had a tubal pregnancy before 1 and a half year and one tube has been removed,after around a year i had a D and C.Now i am 6 weeks pregnant again is thee any chances...


Methotrexate Shot for Tubal Pregnancy

S.R. asks from Detroit

Okay mommies...This is my 3rd post in the last few weeks in regards to the same pregnancy. This has been a roller coaster ride that has left me an emotional mess. My ...


Tubal Pregnancy

R.A. asks from Grand Rapids

I just found on Monday that I am almost 5 weeks preg. However I have had my tubes tied. And they are thinking that its a tubal. I go back in on Wed for a blood test t...


Tubal Pregnancy

S.R. asks from Detroit

Hi everyone, I don't know how many have followed my ups and downs the last few weeks. I had finally found out I was pregnant but it was tubal, they did the metho shot...


Ectopic Pregnancy

A.M. asks from Dallas

My husband I have have been trying for another baby for 2 years now. I have had 2 miscarriages in the last year. I finally got pregnant in September and was 8 weeks i...


Pregnancy After Tubal Pregnancy

M.R. asks from Madison

Last January I had a tubal pregnancy resulting in the removal of my left fallopian tube. My husband and I have been trying for five months (I know this isn't long) bu...


Successful Preganancy After an Ectopic Pregnancy

K.S. asks from Modesto

In the middle of January, I had an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, my right fallopian tube burst and I had to have emergency surgery. The surgery was similar to C-Section...


How Long to Conceive After Tubal Pregnancy

B.P. asks from Casper

I had a tubal pregnancy in 2005. My right fallopian tube was removed and I was told that my left tube looked good so I should be able to conceive. It has been 2.5 y...