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Restaurants in Downtown Chicago--girls Weekend Suggestions

C.L. asks from Chicago

I am meeting a high school friend in Chicago in a couple of weeks. I live in St. Paul and she lives in D.C. I lived in Chicago for five years, but that was over 20 ...


My 1 Yr Old Only Wants to Eat What I Am Eating

S.S. asks from Chicago

My son no longer wants to eat baby food. I have tried different varieties but he puts up one heck of a fight. If I am eating something, however, he will eat whateve...


Child Friendly Activities, Restaurants Etc in Bloomington, IL

M.M. asks from Chicago

We are going on a road trip and will be passing through Bloomington, IL. Anything worth stopping for in Bloomington? Restaurants, parks etc.


7 Month Old Daughter's Eating Habits

N.D. asks from San Francisco

Hi! I have a 7 month old baby who recently (about 1 1/2 months ago) started having strange eating habits with her bottle and formula. As it is, she only eats about 4 ...


My Son Starts Coughing and Then Vomits While Eating

M.G. asks from New York

Can anyone help me? My son is 3 and occasionally has trouble while eating. While chewing, he gets this look on his face and then inevitably starts coughing and then...


Picky Eating (4 Yr Old)

L.K. asks from New Orleans

My 4 year old is old enough to know better and I've tried everything from explaining how eating new and different foods help her grow or stay healthy to bribing her w...


Need Help with Toddler Eating Habits

S.G. asks from San Francisco

Hello Mamas, I have a 3 year old extremely picky eater. No matter what, he will not eat veggies in their true form (either steamed or stir fried). I have to incorp...


4 Year Old Daughter Eating Issues

K.H. asks from Washington DC

Hi mom's I have an issue with my 4 yr old daughter and food , she has always been a picky eater , has a very limited diet , she eats bananas , strawberries , toas...


Need Resources for Healthy,organic Eating..

L.G. asks from Minneapolis

I just recently started staying home with my two boys ages 4 and 2. They are pretty healthy, however we recently were hit with terrible colds and my 2 year old ended ...


13-Month-old Throwing Food and Not eating--HELP!

K.M. asks from Washington DC

My little girl will be 13-months-old in a few days. Ever since we started on finger foods (at around 9 months or so), some has gotten thrown on the floor, of course....