Eating Out: Toddler, Gerber

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17 Month Old Eater

J.D. asks from Dallas

I know this has been asked a lot, but here goes again. I have a 17 month old (who was 2 months premature) who is very picky when it comes to eating. I know that it ...


All Kinds of Eating Issues: 13 Month

R.D. asks from Colorado Springs

Hi all. My dd is almost 14 mos & only has 4 teeth. She has had 4 since 9 months. I feel like she should be getting a wider variety of table food & perhaps start tr...


Meal Time Help for 15 Month Old

K.H. asks from Washington DC

Hello- My daughter is 15 and a half months old. She has four teeth on top and four on the bottom that have almost completely come in. Then, she has a space for ano...


19 Month Old Not Feeding Herself

T.P. asks from Indianapolis

Hi. My 19 month old has stopped feeding herself and wants me to feed her. She started feeding herself using her fingers before she was a year old. She started tryi...


Trouble Feeding 16 Month Old

T.S. asks from Cincinnati

I have a 16 month old daughter that is starting to have issues eating. She has never been a huge eater but I have not had any problems feeding her breakfast, lunch a...


Where to Find Good Deal on Gerber Baby Foods in Arlington

T.A. asks from Dallas

My son will be 5 months old this weekend, and doc says to begin veggies (he's been eating cereal for a month). Where is the best/cheapest place to purchase baby food?...


My 15 Month Old Is a Horrible Eater

J.S. asks from Pittsburgh

My 15 month old son is not a very good eater. He weighs just under 20 lbs. and is in the 5th percentile for weight. His problem seems to be that he likes one food one...


Seeking Help on a Healthy Menu for Picky 21 Month Olds

A.R. asks from Kansas City

I need help making a menu for my 21 month twins. I think they need more variety but they can be picky. Any ideas on some meals that are easy and they will love?


15 Month Old and Eating - What to Feed Him?

N.W. asks from Washington DC

My 15 month old is a good eater, but i'm running out of ideas of what to feed him. Lunch tends to be the hardest, he eats a lot of the gerber meals, but I think he's...


"What Can I Feed My 13 Month Old?"

T.P. asks from Honolulu

My daughter has only her two front and bottom teeth out. I'm starting to transition her to table food and other foods rather than just the Gerber Puree's. I'm cluel...