Eating Disorders: Tween

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Eating Disorder

L.P. asks from Oklahoma City

Im 38 years old, i have had a eating disorder sense i was 13, my two boys also have it to, anyone with any info ??? Thank you,,,,


13 Year Old at Risk for Developing an Eating Disorder?

C.T. asks from Philadelphia

Earlier this week, my 13 year old daughter told me she was not going to eat anything and only drink water for 10 days in an effort to lose weight. Of course, she got ...


12 Year Old Loosing Her Mind?!?!?

J.N. asks from Portland

I have a 12 year old daughter and I'm not kidding you since the day she turned 12 I have had soo many problems with her! She is a natural leader and a sweetheart. E...


13 Year Old Son Refuse to Eat

S.G. asks from Lakeland

My son goes thur these phase's were he doesn't want to eat. He will go all day without eating. He is not depressed or has any issues. This doesn't go on for days. It ...


Selective Eating Disorder

N.H. asks from Houston

Has anyone heard of "selective eating disorder"? My 7 year old son has always been a picky eater. What is different about him, though, is that he's not a typical pi...


My 10 Year Old Daughter Has Recently Been Diagnosed with Anorexia.

C.M. asks from Phoenix

First of all, please only share positive stories. I'm trying not to get discouraged. What I want to know is, the dietitian expects her to eat 3300 calories a day. She...


13 Year Old Daughter Wants to Dye Her Hair!

K.0. asks from Providence

She has presented various reasons why we should let her, but I am still on the fence, what is your opinion?


How Do I Help My 10 Year Old Daughter Keep Her Good Self Esteem?

M.M. asks from San Antonio

I have a beautiful 10 year old daughter who will be in the 5th grade next year. My husband and I both struggle with weight issues and unfortunately our sweet girl ha...


My 12 Year Old Daughter Thinks She Is Ugly

J.M. asks from New York

my daughter just turned 12. she is thin but has a nice figure. she isn't gorgeous but she is definitely pretty esp in comparison to her circle of friends. she has ...


10 Year Old Violent

A.D. asks from Orlando

Hi to all the moms out there, im in dispair so im hoping you all can help me :( first let me say that over the last 6 months things have just gotten worse and im not ...