Eating Disorders: Toddler

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Has Anyone Had a Eating Disorder?

W.S. asks from Denver

Is anyone dealing with or ever gotten over a eating disorder? I need some advice, currently dealing with one...



J.H. asks from Richmond

My daughter is 16. In march she weighed145lbs. Today is May14. She weighs117 lbs. She goes to boarding school. The school is concerned that she has an eating disorde...


My Brother Has an Eating Disorder

J.D. asks from Green Bay

This question is actually about my almost 16 yr old brother. We both come from a very good family life. Parents still married after 27 some yrs. He is the baby I am t...


13 Year Old at Risk for Developing an Eating Disorder?

C.T. asks from Philadelphia

Earlier this week, my 13 year old daughter told me she was not going to eat anything and only drink water for 10 days in an effort to lose weight. Of course, she got ...


Could This Be Some Kind of Eating Disorder?

M.Q. asks from Los Angeles

I've never really talked to anyone about this because it's pretty nasty, but I was just thinking that it wouldn't hurt to ask for your opinions! I've never had an iss...


Teenage Daughter with Eating Disorder - Bulimia

K.O. asks from Bakersfield

My 16 year old daughter was diagonsed today with bulimia. I thought she had tendencies towards it but I didn't think she was "Bulimic". I'm in shock. Anyone have a...


Selective Eating Disorder

N.H. asks from Houston

Has anyone heard of "selective eating disorder"? My 7 year old son has always been a picky eater. What is different about him, though, is that he's not a typical pi...


14 (Almost 15)-Month Old - Gaining Too Much?

C.F. asks from Pittsburgh

My daughter was born at 6 lbs. 8 oz. I breastfed exclusively for about 6 months, and she gained weight quickly, always hitting right around the 50% in weight. At he...


Eating Disturbance or Potential Eating Disorder?

C.K. asks from Los Angeles

We have 8 y.o. grand daughter. Dght and son-in-law punish by denying dessert. Father may eat dessert in front of child as further punishment. Son-in-law's mother had ...


Feeding My 18 Month Old

B.G. asks from Fort Wayne

I don't know what to feed my 18 month old. She doesn't seem to care for the baby food and most adult foods that my husband and I eat seem to be too much for her to h...