Eating Disorders: Older Child

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6 Year Old Scared to Eat After Near-choking Experience

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

My 6 year old son had a near-choking experience a couple of days ago - nothing too bad but it was enough to scare him. Since then, he's been afraid to eat and is tur...


Napa Mom Having Trouble Getting 8 Year Old to Eat Solids

M.R. asks from San Francisco

I would love anyone's input on how to work with my son's eating....he is almost 8 and in the 2nd grade and he has what the doctor's call "food aversion" we have been ...


Are These Behaviors Typical for 8 Year Old Girl or Should I Worry?

J.M. asks from Abilene

My daughter is super sensitive about having her hair done and prefers I not do it at all, claiming it hurts when I brush, style, and cut it. She used to be difficul...


8 Year Old Daughter and Food Issues

E.F. asks from Chattanooga

We have the best Pediatrician in the world. When he talked to us about Rebekah's weight he said she needed to remember to eat healthy food early in the evening. He kn...


7 Yo with Not Swallowing Saliva Issues

R.P. asks from Salt Lake City

My 7 year old has this thing she has been doing for several months. I thought that she would stop after a short while, but it seems to be getting worse. She doesn't l...


Help with My 8 Year Old Hoarding Food

A.W. asks from Dallas

I have spent countless hours researching answers to this problem. We have been dealing with this problem for 5 years. My daughter is 8 years old and continues to ge...


My 10 Year Old Daughter Has No Friends

T.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hi. I am deeply worried about my daughter. She is in fifth grade and having a terrible time with friends. She has never been a social butterfly but has always had at ...


9 Year Old's Self Esteem

J.C. asks from Los Angeles

My god son's older sister has me very concerned. She has such an issue with her self-esteem. She is always very concerned about how she looks, is constantly asking pe...


Need Help Finding Dietician/fitness Programs for My 10 y.o. Aurora/Plainfield

M.S. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! Once again I am on here asking for some advise. Here is the situation, I am new to the Aurora/Plainfield area. I am currently looking for a dietician or fo...


My Daugther Making Comments Anout Her Weight

N.R. asks from Houston

So I have a sister that she suffering from anorexia and its affecting my whole family,even my daughter (7yr) . I really didnt realize that she was noticing much but ...