Eating Disorders: Older Child

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Diet Ideas for Overweight 9 Year Old

D.J. asks from Atlanta

My 9 year old weigh 120 pounds, size medium in juniors. Yes Im aware that she is overweight. I need suggestions for a diet because Im at a loss.Her typical daily diet...


9 Year Old by Stealing $ and Lying

S.J. asks from New York

Just found out my oldest son had stole $60 ( Book for his reading class, book for himself, 2 big pencils and 2 snapples). WHen confronted we told him that tell the t...


6 Year Old Thinks She Is Fat, HELP!!!!!

A.R. asks from Boston

Hi Ladies, Okay so I had written a while back about my 6 yr old and a possible weight issue that the dr had mentioned at her 6 yr old well visit. I was very concerned...


6 Yo Son with Adhd and Is Also High Functiong Autism

M.M. asks from Pittsburgh

HI everyone just wanted to get your opinion about the adhd portion of this question, my son was diagnosed with it along with the high function autism. His psychologi...


Should I Give My 10 Year Old a Choice About the Summer Program

B.C. asks from Joplin

Where we live summer school is not for if your child did not do well, it is basically offered as something fun to occupy the child's day, although they do still learn...


My Almost 7 Year Old Son Keeps Peeing......

K.R. asks from Springfield

I have a boy - he will be 7 years old next week - and he keeps peeing and pooping his pants at school or when we are out. He will poop just a little and not tell me ...


Is It Normal for Kids Who Were Great Eaters to Become Picky? (9 Yo Girl)

T.M. asks from Los Angeles

My DD (almost 9 yo) has always eaten a wide variety of foods and has not been picky at all. Over the last year she has slowly become pickier and pickier, eliminating ...


6 Year Old with Adhd and Sensory Processing Disorder

B.S. asks from New York

My daughter just graduated kindergarten. We have been treating these issues since age 2. Please , please someone tell me how it gets easier. I know it wil alway...


6 Year Old Keeps Getting Fatter and Heavier

S.B. asks from Canton

I have gotten some excellent advice on here. My son is 6 years old and weighs over 80 pounds. I have been watching his food in take very well and he still seem to be ...


7 Year Old Having Headaches Tummy Pain or Cramps, Muscle Pain

T.C. asks from Wichita

i have a 7 year old that has alot of anixety which could play a factor. She gets alot of headaches espeically at night but also wakes up with them in the morning. she...