Earning Allowance

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What Is the Average Allowance?

B.S. asks from St. Louis

Hello Everyone, I was curious what the going rate on allowance is out there now. I have an 11yr old stepson. Really the only thing that he has had to do chore w...


How Do You Handle Allowance?

C.C. asks from Dallas

I'm curious what other moms do. I have been giving $5 a week and letting the kids save or spend it how they want. My husband feels we've created a monster especiall...



E.M. asks from Louisville

do people still give allowances? My mother thinks i should give my kids money each week for doing nothing.... im not so sold on this idea just yet. what do you all do...



W.L. asks from Buffalo

Hi, my daugher is 5 years old and I'm wondering what people have done about giving allowances at this age. do you give them a set amount each week like a quarter or a...


Advice on How to Set up Allowance

A.W. asks from Atlanta

My son is 5 and I'm looking for ideas on how to set up an allowance. I want to make sure he has some chores to do, but don't want to take away his allowance if he do...


Allowance for 16 Year Old

M.K. asks from Dallas

How much allowance do you give your 16 year old for fun things? Movies, out to eat etc?


Allowance for 7 Year Old--how to Do It?

N.B. asks from Salt Lake City

My 7 year old daughter wants to earn her own money. So, I think it's time to start an allowance, but wasn't sure if it should be tied to things she does to help our ...


Chores & Allowance for Your Kids?

❤.M. asks from Los Angeles

What kind of chores do you feel comfortable giving your 14 year old kids? How much do you give them for their allowance?


Allowance for 4 Year Old

K.H. asks from Phoenix

My husband and I are tossing around the idea of giving our 4 year old an allowance. I would like to start formalizing some chores for her and I would also like her t...


Questions About Allowance and Chores

A. asks from Tampa

Hi all you beautiful moms! I have a fabulous 11 year old son. I am wondering about other people's experiences with allowance and chores. Specifically, is allowance...