Earning Allowance: Older Child

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Allowance, How Much?

M.G. asks from Cleveland

So what is the going rate for allowance? Do you pay per age? Per chore? Difficulty of chore? How are your families handling this? My kids have just been given ch...


How Do You Handle Allowance?

C.C. asks from Dallas

I'm curious what other moms do. I have been giving $5 a week and letting the kids save or spend it how they want. My husband feels we've created a monster especiall...


What Is the Average Allowance?

B.S. asks from St. Louis

Hello Everyone, I was curious what the going rate on allowance is out there now. I have an 11yr old stepson. Really the only thing that he has had to do chore w...


Allowance and Chores for a 6 Year Old Entering 1St Grade

C.R. asks from Phoenix

Hello Mamas, My daughter is a mature 6 year old who will be entering 1st grade in the Fall. I'd like to start giving her chores and paying her an allowance. Can yo...


Allowance for a 7 Yo

L.M. asks from Detroit

What is the going rate these days for allowance. My son is almost 7 and we want to start him on a weekly allowance, not tied to chores. We believe he should not get...


Almost 6-Year-old Wants a Nintendo DS or a Wii

A.L. asks from Sacramento

My almost 6-year-old has been pleading for a Nintendo DS or the Wii, like all his cousins and some of his friends have. My mother-in-law really wants to get him one ...


10 Year Old Defiant Son

J.F. asks from Minneapolis

I am so desperate for any advice from other parents of 10 year old boys. My son is not at all respectful of my discipling him, he doesn't care what I threaten him wit...


Allowance for 9-Year-old Boys

S.H. asks from Dallas

We have 9-year-old twins and they are asking for allowance because they want to save up for something. But I don't really want to pay them for household chores that I...



E.M. asks from Louisville

do people still give allowances? My mother thinks i should give my kids money each week for doing nothing.... im not so sold on this idea just yet. what do you all do...



W.L. asks from Buffalo

Hi, my daugher is 5 years old and I'm wondering what people have done about giving allowances at this age. do you give them a set amount each week like a quarter or a...