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Should I Let My 10Yo Son Quit Tae Kwon Do?

J.M. asks from Wichita

My son is 10, nearly 11. He is very smart and funny and likes video games and playing on the computer. He is not very athletically inclined. I mean, not exceptiona...


Too Young for Wii? Also: Wii Vs. Kinect

B.W. asks from Seattle

So my 3 year old girl (almost 4) was at her cousin's and played a dancing game on the Wii. She LOVED it and is now asking for it for her birthday. Part of me thinks s...


Grandmother (Single) Raising Two Grandchildren - Boy 12, Girl 10

K.B. asks from Springfield

How do you handle sibline rivalry along with your rules vs their friends parenting style. I know that is a wide subject. Ex. Computer time and what they can do? Wa...