Ear Ache: Benadryl

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Red, Swollen and Itchy Right Ear

Hello everyone, I have a 5yr old son who woke up this morning with his right ear red, swollen, and itchy. He said it does not hurt and it is only on the outside from the top to almost to the earlobe. I thought it was a bug bite of some kind but I can't see a place where it would've bitten him. He has not had an ear infection ever. I was just wondering what it could be. I am putting Benadryl on it. He doesn't complain at all. He just says mommy why is my ear fat? lol Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you all very much!!

Ear Drops & Bulbs

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Infant and Benadryl

My 8 month old son weighs 16 pounds, 12 ounces and his doctor prescribed 1/2 teaspoon of Benadryl before bedtime. Everything I read says not to do it unless they are a year old. I'm afraid to give him the Benadryl. Has anyone given their child who is under a year old Benadryl?


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