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Gum in the Dryer!

T.L. asks from St. Louis

Help! I check all pockets before doing laundry, but apparently I missed a piece of gum in my hubby's pocket. I took all the clothes out of the dryer one by one to s...


Smell in the Dryer

D.N. asks from Chicago

I wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem-and been able to solve it. First, I live in a 2 flat building we own with someone else. They sanded and put polyur...


Washer and Dryer

H.W. asks from Los Angeles

We're looking to buy a new washer and dryer. Naturally we want something energy/water efficient. Any recommendations? I've heard front loading washers save on wate...


Ink in Dryer

C.H. asks from Grand Rapids

We had an ink pen explode in the dryer about 9 months ago. I thought everything was cleaned out, but in about 1 out of 20 loads, everything comes out ruined. How can ...


Dryer Went Out

J.B. asks from Dallas

Our dryer went out last night. We don't plan on fixing it as it is very old and we have definitely gotten out money's worth out of it. So I have 2 questions, where ...


Washer and Dryer

K.M. asks from Detroit

Hello moms need asap help. I need a new washer and dryer don't want to spend a lot it has to be extra large very big and I think I want a front load. Does anyone have...


Washer & Dryer

C.C. asks from Dallas

Hello Everyone... again :) I posted earlier needing advice on buying a new washer and dryer. Thank you to the Mama's that have responded already. I have one more ...


Washer & Dryer

E.Z. asks from Los Angeles

Hi So after 14 or so years, I am looking to replace my Washer and Dryer. I have the typical top loading Kenmore models right now, and I am really looking to get a ...


Seeking Dryer Recommendations

M.W. asks from Chicago

Please share if you love (or hate) your dryer. I need a large capacity gas dryer and am looking for recommendations. Thank you.


Crayon and Clothes and Dryer

F.P. asks from St. Louis

How do i get crayon stain out of dryer and off my load of laundry?